IMS Project (Android)

Mobile application to assist the inspection of empty shipping containers which needs repair.

The user can create a new inspection or view a list of accomplished inspections made by contractor company to re-evaluate repair expense.

The application is smart enough to execute data synchronization in a manner that the user feels simple and intuitive, leading the user to focus on his own main activity.

Fresh and Intuitive
Fresh and IntuitiveThe interface of this application was designed targeting to be pleasant and easy thus the user activity occurs in a fluid and continuous way.

Problem Resistant
Problem ResistantThe application provides a service to log events which keeps several event kinds, from network availability to unexpected data exchange errors.

The error tracking can be accomplished both on mobile device and remotely, because logging records are exchanged with application server.

Quality and Efficiency
Quality and EfficiencyEvery project developed by Lepaho is developed with zeal for quality, engagement and punctuality.

Lepaho ensures its uninterrupt pursue for customer satisfaction, leading in flexible and adaptable to the constant demand for designs changes.

Malleable To Any Size

The interface components was carefully designed to fill entire screen efficiently as available accoding to the device. Each screen point was thought to perfectly fit any screen sizes even on very high resolutions.

The layout was structured to support any change without rework which implies an agile development to demanded changes.

Less is More

Screens that shows a lot of information all the time to the user are confusing and prevent the user to follow multiple activities efficiently. Therefore the application extensively uses images and real world concepts to ensure efficiency and speed.